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A Podcasts Mission Statement

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Brian Colburn
"I'd Podcast That 2.0" is a show filled with "Premium" resources and information for successful podcasting, in support of the "I'd Podcast That" online community and the "A Podcasters Newsletter on substack. Surround yourself with successful podcasters! This is not necessarily a how-to, more of how to do it better!
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In this episode, we are talking about a mission statement for your podcast. Mission Statements typically include the following elements:

  1. The overall purpose or reason for existing.

  2. The products or services.

  3. The target customers or market for the products or services.

  4. The values or principles that guide its operations.

  5. The goals or objectives for the future.

It is typically a brief statement and encapsulates the company's overall goal and its approach to achieving that goal.

Podcast Creators Mastermind Events

February - Podcast Storytelling: The Story Arc within the Hook Model to Engage Listeners

March - Podcast Advertising, Buying & Selling

April - Podcast Preproduction: Everything You need to Plan and Do

Podcast Creators Mastermind

Industry News 

Student Podcast Challenge by NPR

Now through April, we'll once again be hearing from thousands of student podcasters, all competing for grand prizes and a chance to hear their stories on NPR. This year's Student Podcast Challenge will open for entries on Jan. 6, 2023 and close on April 28. As in past years, judges will choose winners in two categories: grades five through eight and grades nine through 12. Entries must be submitted by an educator or a student leader who's 18 years old or older.

Link - https://www.nprillinois.org/community-voices/2023-01-29/the-npr-student-podcast-challenge

Twitter’s Paid Partnerships policy

Tweets that are part of a Paid Partnership posted as an organic Tweet will require clear and prominent disclosures indicating the commercial nature of such content. For example, “#ad”, “#paidpartnership”, “#sponsored”.

Link - https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/paid-partnerships

Popular Podcast Hosting Company Blubrry Enables Value4Value

Blubrry has released a new podcasting 2.0 feature for podcasters called Value4Value, partnering with Alby for its adoption. To see the latest supported features please visit - https://blubrry.com/support/podcasting-2-0-introduction/



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