Mar 8 • 19M

Podcast Equipment: Choose Wisely

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Brian Colburn
"I'd Podcast That 2.0" is a show filled with "Premium" resources and information for successful podcasting, in support of the "I'd Podcast That" online community and the "A Podcasters Newsletter on substack. Surround yourself with successful podcasters! This is not necessarily a how-to, more of how to do it better!
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If you are looking to upgrade or start setting up a podcast channel then you have come to the right place where I’m going to discuss hardware and software so you can choose podcast equipment wisely. Before getting into hardware and software I want to emphasize workshopping podcast channel ideas prior to spending money on equipment. Once the workshopping is done I have excellent choices of equipment to use ranging from microphones, cameras, soundboards, mic mute buttons, etc.

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Industry News

NYU to offer ”The Business of Podcasting”

Amplifi Media’s CEO Steve Goldstein, the adjunct professor will cover the economics, content, marketing, and trends.  Students will learn essential elements of the podcast business through workshops, discussions, guest speakers, readings, and research. They will evaluate the business from all angles, including the evolving economics, production, ad sales,  listeners, technology, and key players, and will then create a business plan.

Fall semester 2023 -

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New Cameras!!!! 4K!!!! Less Lighting, Onboard, and pass-through recording.


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