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Starting a Podcast? Start Here

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"I'd Podcast That 2.0" is a show filled with "Premium" resources and information for successful podcasting, in support of the "I'd Podcast That" online community and the "A Podcasters Newsletter on substack. Surround yourself with successful podcasters! This is not necessarily a how-to, more of how to do it better!
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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.

~Cecil B. DeMille

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Welcome back to another episode of I'd Podcast, That 2.0. My name is Brian. I am your host, and today I'm going to go over where to start if you are going to or are thinking about creating a podcast. Before we get started, I want to leave you with a quote.

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.
Cecil DeMille

Let that sink in. Is creativity your drug? I hope so, especially if you're a podcast creator. Now, once upon a time,

I was in everybody's same shoes on how to start a podcast and the majority of what is returned on a search engine is. Find a title, find a description, create your cover art, buy your equipment, and this is where I have a fundamental difference from most other people.

I encourage the people that work with us here at Sitch Radio to start planning episodes. And outlining or scripting the episodes out and really getting a feel for what it is you are going to be doing before you spend a dime. One of the big reasons most podcasts don't survive episode 13, number one. Number two, people will buy.

A cheap mic that plugs into their computer via u sb, but now they want to bring a guest on and there are issues there. If both of you are sitting in the same room before we spend any money on equipment, I encourage you to do some of the following. People need to focus on the story. And what the story's going to be in each and every episode.

Even if it's an interview-style show, you can write your questions in order or control the conversation, so the order is being followed to make it more story-like to incite the chemical responses in the listeners. To keep them on the edge of their chair and take them through the story art. That is what I really want to stress here.

Now, if you're doing a news show, you can still build what news topics in what order are going to be discussed, and maybe that last news story ends on a happier note. So, your listeners walk away feeling happy and not sad about the sad stories that are being. I like to have everybody start with a brain dump, and this is before we think about the title.

This is before we think about the description, I want you to do a brain dump of possible episodes. Now, these are working titles. Nothing is set in stone. The title will probably get rewritten, but do a brain dump and see how many ideas you can come up with off the top of your head. Is it five, or is it seven?

Hopefully, it's somewhere 25, north of 25 plus, because a weekly episode is 52 episodes. A. And if you're having a hard time thinking about what Episode eight is going to be, you probably shouldn't launch your show just yet. So, we'd really love to see 25-plus episode ideas down, and that first episode is going to be your trailer, just like a movie trailer or commercial on tv.

It is going to be who you are, what you're going to discuss, and what the listeners should get from it. Be entertaining, don't. A reduced production level in your trailer that you are going to, in your first 10 or so episodes. You want it to be exciting. You want it to be captivating, so people will subscribe.

Or if they find your show in episode 30 and they go back to listen to the trailer, it's pretty much what you promised in that. Let's go back to the 52 episodes for a minute. You don't have to do 52 episodes a year. You can take pauses for holidays. You can take pauses for a vacation. Just communicate that with your listeners and or it may be more than 52 episodes.

Say you're doing gear and gadgets. The podcast and you want to do a special bonus episode for Christmas of what's new, what's hot, and cool gift ideas for the Christmas season. That might be a bonus episode instead of replacing one of your 52. So, there is no wrong. There is no right, as long as that's being communicated with your audience.

We're going to brainstorm and we're just thinking about working titles right now. Say we get 25 plus down. Awesome. Let's script out that trailer. Let's script out the first four or five episodes, and when I say a script, you don't have to write word for word what is going to be said, especially if you're doing a video show.

In a lot of the shows I work on, much like this one, I'm working off a bullet-pointed list. The episode, that list helps me keep, the appropriate order in which I want to discuss things, and B, it will not allow me to forget about something if I use this list that's in front of me now. So, either script out or outline your first four or five episodes and establish a work.

that's going to be with you as long as you're producing podcasts. That way you're less likely to forget something because we do this then we do part two, and then we do part three, and part three might be A, B, C, but things are done in an appropriate order, so nothing is forgotten. That's very important.

That's a. Workflow or habit to have upfront. At this point, we're not even recording these ideas. We're building out these show ideas and concepts, so write a few down, find somebody in your close inner circle of friends, discuss with them what you're going to do, and maybe go through one of the episodes or two of the episodes with them.

Get some constructive criticism on that. Number one don't let it get your butt hurt. It's constructive criticism. Take it, digest it, ponder it, and do you need to go back and make changes to that episode or to two or three episodes that you had this conversation with? Once you bounce this off, a few close, trusted friends will tell you the truth.

Okay, maybe now it's time to buy some equipment. Next week we're going to talk about equipment and what you should look for and art recommendations of what. Should buy now. There is a link in the show notes. Here it is to Sitch Radio dot com podcast on your own, and its equipment that we personally stand behind or that we recommend to people, podcasting or starting a podcast.

I even helped a friend set up great podcasting because she wanted better audio and better video on Zoom calls during lockdown than Oliver colleagues had a lot of the same equipment is what I recommended her by. So, she could have a good setup and have an awesome audio quality and an awesome video quality for those calls when I jump on Zoom calls or team meetings with people.

People typically ask about the mic. I have a good setup in my office for recording this show number one and number two for Zoom calls and team meetings, et cetera. If you'd like to skip ahead and look at some of the equipment we recommend, you can go ahead and click that link and take a peek at it. All right.

With all of that having been said, I want to remind everybody about the podcast Creator's Mastermind. And podcast Coaching services we offer here through I'd Podcast, That 2.0 and or Sitch. Radio links are in the show notes below and I've got one piece of industry news I would like to discuss with you and that is Spreaker has announced a transcription partnership with music match to help make podcasting more accessible worldwide.

By providing transcripts. I haven't seen anything yet. A lot of our shows are hosted with Spreaker, so I'm interested to see how they're going to roll that out and how it's going to integrate with some of our workflows. In the meantime, I've migrated this show from speaker to Blueberry to take advantage of all the awesome features.

RSS 2.0 has to offer if you are unfamiliar, Hit up podcast It's going to lead you in the right direction. But if you're on a Legacy podcast player, check out a new podcast player like That's the one I personally use. It's cool because I can click on show notes and I can see the host, the guest images, links to maybe their bio, or link to their LinkedIn page and it's a little more interactive. And if you want to support the shows that you're listening to on a podcast 2.0 compatible player, they are on the Lightning Network. You can set up SATs per minute and or send them a boostogram and let them know you appreciate what they are doing.

Much like you can our show here, we. You will download a new podcast app, get off those legacy apps and support your show with the value-for-value model. And once again, I'd Podcast That 2.0 at I'd Podcast That dot com has a press release page. So if you have a press release that's podcast industry related, go ahead and submit it to us and we will include it in one of our shows, much like this.

Press release from Carrie. Conte Ph.D. releases a podcast mini-series on parenting, and I would love for you to hit up I'd Podcast That dot com, check out the press release and check out her show. In addition to that, don't forget about the jobs board, and there are a few other links in the show notes below.

Please follow us on your social platform of choice. We look forward to following. Back next week, we are going to talk about the equipment and why I recommend what I recommend. I hope you've gotten something out of this episode. We greatly appreciate you being here.

Until next week.

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Carrie Contey, PhD
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ROCKLAND, MAINE, FEBRUARY 20, 2023 – Carrie Contey, Ph.D., an internationally recognized coach, author, speaker, and educator who has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, NPR, CBS radio, and in many publications including Time, Parenting, and The Boston Globe is thrilled to announce her new first podcast, Knot Parenting. Knot Parenting shares Dr. Contey’s unique perspective of human development, parenting, and family life and is aimed to appeal to parents of all ages looking to become more confident and skilled as they guide their growing people through all of the stages and phases of human development.

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